• Back to School Checklist

    Back to School – Clothes Supplies & Checklist

    The links in this post may contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking my link at no additional cost to you. I love back to school shopping..I always have.  I love wandering around Target gazing at all of those bins of crayons and highlighters and index cards.  When I was a kid, I would carefully choose my back to school outfit at least a week before school started. I would wear those new jeans and probably a sweater, no matter how hot it was that first week of September. This is the time of year when I sort through my…

  • Kids Schedule and Learning Resources

    My Kids Schedule & Learning Resources

    Due to the pandemic, many kids across the country are going to be home for a few days or even weeks. My kids are going to be home for at least two weeks. This weekend, we just kind of “winged” it. All of our normal activities have been cancelled and to be honest, it was kind of nice. We didn’t have to rush to get anyone anywhere and we spent a lot of time together as a family. That being said, I knew that as Monday was rolling around and we started this “social distancing”, that we needed some kind of schedule to keep us all on track. Otherwise, we…

  • Christmas Santa Train
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    Where I Found the Best Ever Santa Train

    For years friends had been sharing pictures and experiences that they’d had on local Polar Express and Santa Trains. I knew that it would be something that my kids would really enjoy but I wasn’t sure which one to choose. So last year I researched some area trains in the Philadelphia suburbs and even one in New Jersey. There were actually quite a few of them. I noticed that some of the trains could be really expensive – more than $100 per ticket. Some of the trains reviews weren’t that great – things like…the train being cold and not very comfortable and serving cold hot chocolate and running out of…

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    15 Kid Friendly Ideas for Giving Back during the Holidays or Anytime

    Sometimes during this busy season the true meaning of the holiday tends to get a little lost. It’s so important as parents that we slow down and take some time to focus on giving back with our children. One of the greatest gifts that we can give children is the gift of charity. That feeling when you give a gift, volunteer or help a stranger is better than any one thing you could ever receive. Here are a few easy ideas to help celebrate the giving season. Visit a local nursing home during the holidays. Call ahead to see if they have a time you can bring your kids in…

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    2019 Elf Calendar

    Bell the Elf arrived back at our house Thanksgiving Night at around 2am. That’s probably not the best time for your elf’s arrival during the holidays. But let’s be honest, sometimes we have a bit too much Turkey and fall asleep watching British Baking Show. Luckily, our 2 year old woke up wet and saved the day. Since Bell’s arrival was chaotic, I decided that I’d create an “Elf Calendar” for this year. There’s no way I want to search for candy canes in the middle of the night again. Also, because I’m super nice…I’m sharing my calendar so that you don’t have to wake up in the middle of…

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    Gifts for Boys

    When you’re buying boys gifts, its easy to gravitate towards certain kinds of gifts. But I know that the boys in my life have a wide range of interests and I try to think outside the box when I buy them gifts. Most boys love to make craft projects, play games and learn musical instruments too, along with the typical race cars and building blocks. Don’t forget to include soft PJs, cozy slippers and a new pair of winter boots for those boys in your life. Check out my post about books and movies for more ideas! Affiliate Links – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Hanna…

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    Gifts for Girls

    At my house the toy catalogs are a big deal – my kids fight over the catalogs from Target and Amazon. They’re usually delivered in late October and my daughter starts drafting her list that day. Items in the catalog get circled and crossed out – over and over. If your daughter is anything like mine, she changes her mind about her Christmas list virtually daily. My goal is to get her to finalize her list (in writing) by early November, otherwise, her list would never get to Santa. Typically, Santa always gets a few toys from her list and then we get her some things too (usually more of…