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2019 Elf Calendar

Bell the Elf arrived back at our house Thanksgiving Night at around 2am. That’s probably not the best time for your elf’s arrival during the holidays. But let’s be honest, sometimes we have a bit too much Turkey and fall asleep watching British Baking Show. Luckily, our 2 year old woke up wet and saved the day. Since Bell’s arrival was chaotic, I decided that I’d create an “Elf Calendar” for this year. There’s no way I want to search for candy canes in the middle of the night again. Also, because I’m super nice…I’m sharing my calendar so that you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night and construct a marshmallow snowman. Didn’t this Elf thing seem brilliant before you actually had kids? I’m confident that this schedule will put the fun back in my elf…or at least keep her from being stuck at the North Pole for 2 weeks due to a freak elf accident.

Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find the welcome & goodbye letters too. Also, if you need an Elf…here you go.

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Elf CalendarElf Activities
November 29Elf return & letter to children
November 30Elf makes silly grocery list (candy, sweets, etc)
December 1Elf brings Christmas M&Ms
December 2Elf asks for list for Santa
December 3Elf brings Christmas book
December 4Elf “twister” with small toys
December 5Elf makes a marshmallow snowman
December 6Elf spills cereal, makes a silly design
December 7Elf plays board game or puzzle
December 8Elf is hiding in stocking
December 9Elf asks children to pick toys they no longer play with
December 10Elf is covered in stickers
December 11Elf sends the kids a “secret letter”
December 12Elf is doing yoga on a washcloth yoga mat
December 13Elf is in the fridge and has colored the eggs
December 14Elf has brought gum/mints
December 15Elf is playing with toys
December 16Elf is covered in wrapping paper
December 17Elf is looking in a mirror
December 18Elf brings cookies
December 19Elf is hiding in the tree
December 20 Elf says – 5 more days until Christmas!
December 21Elf is reading a book
December 22Elf has rearranged the Christmas tree ribbons
December 23Elf delivers a note from the North Pole
December 24 Elf Returns to North Pole – Letter & Christmas Eve PJs

Elf Welcome and Goodbye Letters from Troubleshooting Motherhood.

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