10 Days in London and Paris – What I Packed

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We’ve been planning a trip to London and Paris since 2019. I don’t typically plan vacations four years ahead, but Covid changed all of that. So, here we are heading to Europe in November 2022.

Since my husband and I will be flying to London from JFK and then taking the train to Paris with our two girls, we want to pack fairly light.  The goal is to get to get all of our stuff into two suitcases – one large and one medium.  

Admittedly, I am a chronic overpacker.  Fitting everyone’s belongings into two suitcases is a challenge.  I could easily fill both suitcases myself.  I mean, its Paris – you can’t wear sweatshirts and leggings.

One thing that will help immensely, is that we’re staying in an apartment in Paris with a washer and dryer. That means we can take far less clothing.  

Some of my packing strategies include:

  1. Take enough clothes for ½ the trip and then wash.
  2. Packing cubes – a different color for each of us. 
  3. A foldable tote or duffle to check on the way home. I plan to come home with lots of souvenirs, so I’m checking a large duffle on the way back full of dirty clothes.  The tote easily folds flat on the bottom of our large suitcase.

It’s rainy this time of year. In my experience, when its chilly and wet in London you get really cold. I plan on taking layers and at least one waterproof layer for rain.

Since my packing will be minimal, its important that I can mix and match most of my items. I’m planning on taking mostly neutrals. I’m wearing athletic wear on the plane for comfort. Other than that, I’ll be leaving my leggings at home. Europeans don’t spend their days in athleisure the way we Americans do.

I’m packing two good pairs of sneakers for walking miles and miles each day.  I found this pair of New Balance 327 and they look great with jeans, black leggings, pants.  


I also plan to bring white Veja sneakers which are really popular in Paris and a couple of pairs of flats.

Shoes:  New Balance Sneakers, Veja Sneakers, Print Flats (under $30), Black Leather Flats,

I didn’t bring boots because I wanted to save space. I may need to shop for a pair while I’m abroad. Shoes are a great souvenir and one that I don’t mind splurging on. If I had space, I’d add these waterproof Blondo boots.

Must have on my list is a rain layer.  I have my trusty JCrew trench coat (it’s a decade old- see similar). If that’s above your budget, I found another option at a great price.

Layering is key in the fall and jackets and sweaters over light turtlenecks or sweaters are great options. 

Jackets -Trench Coat, Packable Rain Coat (under $35), Wool Jacket (under $50), Vest



Accessories– Simple Jewelry, Cross Body Bags ($15), Longchamp Tote, Hat/Gloves


Tops – Black Longsleeve Tee, Maroon Turtleneck, Cashmere Turtleneck, Navy Blouse, Striped Top



Sweaters – Striped Sweater, Sweater Vest


Bottoms – Dark Skinny Jeans, Straight Jeans, Black Pants, Slim Pant


My top advice – leave lots of room for souvenirs! I’d much rather pack too little and come home with some fabulous new finds.  Au revoir!