Homemade Soft Pretzels

We live outside Philly – so you know we love soft pretzels. Several years ago we found a recipe for homemade soft pretzels. This recipe is AWESOME! Full disclosure: to make these pretzels you do need to plan a little bit in advance because they require a little bit of rising time (about an hour). But overall the pretzels are fairly simple and they are amazing. It’s also a really fun cold or rainy day project for kids to help out with in the kitchen.

This pretzel recipe we used by Alton Brown is amazing. I think that Alton’s secret is in boiling them in the baking soda water before baking. It gives them a delicious crust. Also, as a final step after baking, I like to brush them with a little bit of melted butter before serving. (It makes them taste like those famous pretzels at the mall.)

Sometimes we also serve these with a beer and cheese sauce or just a beer. Either way, you will not be disappointed. These pretzels would also make a great addition to a party or a Monday night with cheese, mustard, olives, beer, etc.

Homemade Soft Pretzels with Cheese Sauce (and beer)

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