Hi! I’m Erin, I’m a wife, mom and former corporate marketing professional turned stay at home mom.  I’ve now been home 11 months with my two girls and am excited to launch anykindofweather.com.  I love being at home with my girls but I missed having something for myself the way I did with my work.  I’ve always loved reading and writing – blogging allows me to flexibility to work on the subjects that I’m interested in when it works for me.  The name is a little different – but my philosophy in life has always been about making the best of any kind of situation no matter what the weather or circumstance.  Here we go – I’m excited to share my love of writing, shopping & style (I’m known for a deal), my favorite books – thick and thin, mostly healthy cooking (you’ll almost always find some kind of baked good in our house), decorating (my husband and I are the more than occasional DIY-ers…there is always a project going on).  I’ll also share our travel adventures with our two daughters -we’re usually on a trip or planning the next one!  Life is too short not to explore this amazing world!  I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey!